FORCE – Forensic Culture in Europe, 1930-2000


PhD defence Pauline Dirven 6 Sept. 2024

On Friday 6 September 2024 at 10.15 Pauline Dirven will defend her PhD thesis ‘Embodied Performances of Forensic Expertise: Epistemic Virtues, Emotions, and Gender in British Forensic Culture 1920-1980’ at Utrecht University (Academy building, Domplein). (More information to follow)

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PhD defence Sara Serrano Martínez on 3 November 2023

On 3 November, Sara Serrano Martínez will defend her PhD dissertation ‘The Infanticide Article Under Franco, 1937-1963: ‘Leniency’, Judicial Discretion and Forensic Knowledge’. Serrano analyses how the ‘infanticide article’ in the Spanish Penal Codes from the early decades of the Franco dictatorship (1937-1963) was interpreted and applied by judges.

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Workshop History of Bodily Integrity 22 June 2023

On 22 June 2023,the FORCE project is organizing a workshop on ‘The History of Bodily Integrity’. You can find the programme here. The body has become an important category of analysis in histories of medicine, and increasingly also in cultural and political history more broadly. One new avenue of research is the theme of bodily…

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BA/MA thesis or internship on forensics in the Dutch East Indies

Are you looking for an exciting and new topic for your BA or MA thesis or would like to do a research internship? I can provide an extensive inventory of primary and secondary sources relating to forensic medicine and psychiatry in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century in the Dutch East…

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Report on FORCE Conference ‘Forensic Cultures’, 26-28 August 2021

On 26-28 August 2021 the FORCE conference ‘Forensic Cultures’ took place. The enthusiasm of all the participants and the high quality of the papers ensured lively discussion. The conference connected scholars and sparked ideas for further research. The theme of the conference cut to the heart of the FORCE project that examines to what extent…

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Talking about television: how forensic fiction inspires the FORCE team

In a team of historians of forensic science, there is bound to be at least one person who has consumed an outrageous amount of true crime and crime fiction. Fans of the wildly popular true crime comedy podcast ‘My Favorite Murder’ have named such people ‘murderinos’. In the FORCE team, it is clear that the…

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