FORCE – Forensic Culture in Europe, 1930-2000

Workshop History of Bodily Integrity 22 June 2023                

Workshop History of Bodily Integrity                                                      

22 June 2023, Utrecht University (Drift 25, room 301)

All participants are requested to read all short papers in advance. Talks consist of an introduction to the paper of ca. 10 minutes, then there will be 20 minutes for discussion. (The keynote excepted, we will have 30 minutes for the keynote, plus ca. 15 minutes for questions afterwards).

Provisional programme

Thursday 22 June

9.30-10.00 welcome and coffee/tea

10.00 Introduction Willemijn Ruberg (Utrecht University): The history of bodily integrity

10.15 Keynote lecture (online) Prof. Dr. Paula-Irene Villa Braslavsky (Institut für Soziologie, LMU München): Trans* and Terfs – Negotiating the liminality of modern embodiment

11.00 coffee/tea break

Autopsy, physicians and body parts

11.15 Karen Hollewand (Rijks Universiteit Groningen): Gender and dissection in the Dutch Republic

11.45 Pauline Dirven (Utrecht University): Collectors of specimen or caretakers of the deceased: Forensic experts and their relations with human tissue, 1959-2021

12.15 lunch

Ethics and institutional practices of handling dead bodies

13.00 Lisa Vanderheyden (Utrecht University): The boundaries of the body of a stillborn

13.30 Hieke Huistra (Utrecht University), Noortje Jacobs (Erasmus MC), and Laurens de Rooy (Amsterdam UMC): What to do with the bodies? Handling dead bodies in Dutch medical institutions in the twentieth century

14.00-14.30 coffee/tea break

Consent and bodily integrity

14.30 Jolien Gijbels (KU Leuven/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) (online): Consent for surgery: Negotiations about abdominal operations in the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1890-1910

15.00 Elwin Hofman (Utrecht University): “To what extent should investigative methods in criminal cases regarding the person of the accused be subject to restrictive rules?” Forensic techniques, consent and bodily integrity in Europe, 1900-1960

15.30 coffee/tea break

Bodily integrity in history: the relationship between individual and collective

15.45 Noortje Jacobs, Martijn van der Meer, Florian van der Zee and Gijs Hoekstra (Erasmus MC): Bodily integrity avant la lettre: the (non-)existence of a concept in early twentieth-century Dutch    medicine

16.15 Chiara Lacroix (European University Institute, Florence): Defending or breaking the body’s intactness: bodily integrity in Dutch and Italian medical literature from the early twentieth century

16.45 Conclusion by Willemijn Ruberg

17.00 drinks

If you would like to attend, please contact Willemijn Ruberg (