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FORCE – Forensic Culture in Europe, 1930-2000


Dr. Volha Parfenchyk

Volha Parfenchyk is a postdoctoral researcher in the FORCE project. She received her LL.M at the University of Amsterdam and defended her dissertation at Tilburg University. She worked on her PhD within the framework of the Joint Doctoral Program in Law, Science and Technology. In her thesis, drawing on the insights from science and technology studies and the work of Michel Foucault, she explored the long and ethically charged public debate around an assisted reproductive technology – preimplantation genetic diagnosis – in Italy. In particular, she focused on how culturally embedded understandings of citizens’ fundamental rights shaped the position of the Parliament, courts, the medical community and general public regarding this medical technology and what impact it had on governing human life. Her research interests include the relations between science, technology and law, including constitutional and criminal law, the governance of life sciences and medicine, and the influence of local culture on techno-scientific and legal practices. In the FORCE project, she is focusing on exploring the impact of local culture on forensic practices in Soviet Russia.